• Group Ambulance Emergency Cover
    AXSTARZ will provide cover to employers and their staff, will respond swiftly and without delay in the event of a medical incident.
  • Nursery School & Pre-school Ambulance Emergency Care
    The NPAEC plan covers students/pupils and staff members in an
    emergency during nursery & pre-school hours.
  • Schools Ambulance Emergency Cover
    The SAEC plan covers students/pupils during normal school hours which includes all sanctioned extra-curricular activities.
  • Tourist Ambulance Emergency Cover
    Axstarz (Private) Limited provides Tourist Ambulance Emergency Cover (“TAEC”) in association with EMRAS.
  • Universities Ambulance Emergency Cover
    The UAEC plan covers university students on and off campus during the semester.
  • Vehicle Ambulance Emergency Cover
    Axstarz (Private) Limited provides ambulance emergency cover in association with EMRAS.


Axstarz is an innovative company which works in association with EMRAS and other established ambulance service providers, to provide ambulance services to members contracted to it within Zimbabwe, under the collective name of Ambulance Emergency Cover (AEC).

The Need for AEC

Axstarz AEC products are the first of their kind in Zimbabwe. Cover is offered at affordable rates so that ambulance emergency care is accessible to all, with no waiting periods. AEC products cover members regardless of the existence, or lack thereof, of medical aid.

Vehicle Ambulance Emergency Cover (VAEC)

Axstarz has engaged insurance companies to include its VAEC product as an add on to existing motor vehicle insurance policies for clients insured by them. The products primarily cover emergency ambulance and pre-hospital medical care for victims of ...